Nashville-based duo BOWEN * YOUNG embarks on a musical journey with their debut album, Us, a melodic tapestry woven by the harmonious souls of Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young. Produced by acclaimed Americana songwriter/producer Sean McConnell, their 10-track revelation is slated for a global release on May 3rd via Snakefarm/PIAS.

Hailing from rural Australia, Clare, and Connecticut native Brandon infuse ‘Us’ with haunting, ethereal songs that delve into the depths of ferocious love, heartbreaking loss, and unwavering hope. Their musical collaboration, aptly named “Cinematic Americana,” is a testament to the emotive songwriting, honest lyrics, and hypnotic harmonies that encapsulate their special bond.

In the luminous shadow of their individual backgrounds, Clare, famed for her role as Scarlett O’Connor in ‘Nashville,’ and Brandon, a seasoned musician touring with legends like John Hiatt, share a common North Star—sweeping emotion, intimate moments, and bombastic sound.

The couple’s creative synergy found its missing piece in Sean McConnell. The revelation struck while composing ‘Water To Wine,’ a song that seamlessly captures the essence of their profound connection. Yet, life’s shadows emerged in the form of ‘Dangerous Love,’ a single born from a harrowing experience when an assailant invaded their home. Undeterred, Clare and Brandon transformed adversity into art, choosing joy over fear.

Entering the studio with McConnell and producer Roger Alan Nichols, they discovered the sweet spot of true emotion, using their crackling energy as the cornerstone. From the stripped-back ‘Halo’ to the unpolished honesty of ‘To The Bone,’ each track on ‘Us’ resonates with the authenticity of their musical journey.

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