Heliocentric Entertainment was established in 2021 by Phyllis Belezos.

“Anybody can book a gig,” says Phyllis Belezos, who started out in her current line of work doing just that for friends in her native Boston. “But the difference between that and this, is the development side of things.

“Different artists need different attentions, different kinds of venues, different kind of tour plans and marketing campaigns. You can’t look at your whole roster and just book a 40-date tour for them all. Some might need quality over quantity, and a sense of occasion about their shows, while on the other hand you might have a rock band where it’s all about playing live and you just need to just get them out there.” If anyone is sensitive to this horses-for-courses approach to the agent’s art, it’s Phyllis, who represents an enviably eclectic roster of acts ranging from Vintage Trouble, Emiliana Torrini, Sam Palladio, Evidence and Norwegian multi-instrumentalist maverick Bernhoft.