Hot Press Premiere – Megan O’Neill shines in her new video for ‘Wildfire’

Megan O’Neill’s fresh new song is apparently the start of a “new sonic direction..”

One of Ireland’s biggest rising stars Megan O’Neill has just topped off the release of her great new single ‘Wildfire’ with a brand new video that Hot Press is proud to premiere.

Speaking of the release, she says “For me, Wildfire feels like the beginning of the next phase of my career – merging my folk, storytelling roots with more pop and electronic elements. The past two years have been a really creative time for me thankfully, despite what’s been going on!”

“I’ve immersed myself in new music, new styles and new sounds and I’ve been working with many different songwriters and producers in varying genres, as well as improving my own skills as a producer, writer and musician. All of that exploration and work has led me here – to this new sonic direction,” she continues to say.

“It feels very authentically me and I’m excited for people to hear it.”

Having released her second full-length studio album last year Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty, 2022 looks set to be a massive year for Megan O’Neill.

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