With no interest in “fitting in”, D3lta is defying expectations both musically and personally. Versatile, creative and energetic, his music nor his style are confined by labels and he intends it that way. 

Born in Athens, Greece to an English mother and Greek father. He later attended university in London (studying engineering at UCL) and now resides in Athens. He grew up listening to diverse artists ranging from David Bowie to Queen and even Simon and Garfunkel. New material produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys).

New release Hey You comes hot on the heels of D3lta’s rejection of society’s expectations with empowering track Hypocrites released to critical acclaim in 2021 with support from Earmilk, Vice and Spotifys New Music Friday playlist. D3lta’s candid and honest lyrics this time explore the struggle of losing someone from your life who you used to look up to. Hey You is about believing that the person you had admired is still there, deep down, but needing to find a way to reach out and reconnect with the person you used to know. 

To bring the song to life in the studio, D3lta worked closely with renowned producer Abiss. Emotive strings and ambient electric guitars elevate his powerful vocal performance and the piano’s melody shines through atmospheric layers of analogue synthesisers. After a Hans Zimmer inspired and Stranger Things-esque instrumental the arrangement is stripped back for a final chorus steeped in unfiltered honesty.

When preparing to lay down his vocals, D3lta was introduced to acting coach William Lester to help him express the emotions he had written into his lyrics. Before D3lta shared his story behind the song, William had first felt as though he was talking to a past or future self. This idea continued to intrigue D3lta who could not let go of the imagery it conjured in his mind and he eventually developed the concept into a beautifully shot music video. The video dances between D3lta’s past and future with his younger and older selves performing to each other. The child dreams of his future while the adult advises the child and has broken free from any restraints that may have previously held him back.

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