Bernhoft is a gifted and consummate guitarist, songwriter, artist and all-round likeable guy from just north of Oslo, Norway.

A stylish, curious, whip-smart and inquisitive gentleman with a distinctive and timeless sound. This critically acclaimed, award winning audience favourite has a rock-solid discography and a decade worth of sold-out tours to his name.

And an appetite for more!

Lauded as a groundbreaking ball of energy all over the world on stages  small and large, either alone with his guitar or backed by a full band, this Grammy nominated, genre-straddling superstar chose to be soul baring, bold and open minded in the process of writing and recording new music.

Bernhoft was inspired and challenged through working with Skinny Days (Alan Walker, Ava Max), Alex Pavelich (David Guetta, Nick Jonas), plus talented newcomers Carl-Viktor Guttormsen and Kristian “Flatmate” Vik. They, and long-time collaborator producer Bjarne Stensli (a-ha, Sivert Høyem/Madrugada, Emilie Nicolas), have made Bernhoft let go of the control – only just, and only sometimes – in a way he never has before. And through that process created his most personal work to date. Changing up how, and with whom, he works has in no way toned down Bernhoft’s distinctive and timeless sound, just infused it with a new energy.

Bernhoft describes “Dancing On My Knees” as his most personal album to date, and it is an album where the multi-instrumentalist keeps on impressing, engaging and representing anyone who has ever felt, and appreciated, the impactful contrasts in life. He does so with music that embraces that which is real and true, his bulletproof talent, heartfelt humility and a solid helping of devil-may-care attitude.

The album thematically revolves around doubt and features a pep talk (“Put Your Mojo On»), songs about love and heartbreak (“Clearly Confused”, “All My Loving” and “Say It Isn’t So”), the world today (“Opinionate”, “My Wave” and “Pretty Baby Love”) and songs inspired by the legendary Al Green (“Lazy Monday Morning”) and the – to Bernhoft – even more legendary Samuel and Benjamin. “Call Out Kids”, dedicated to his sons, is the heart of this album. Completely free of any doubt, the song is an energetic declaration of unconditional love that will have you dancing. On your feet or knees!

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